What is "Gewinnsparen"?

”Gewinnsparen” is a lottery, but of quite a different nature. While ordinary lotteries return about 50% out of the paid in capital to the participants, ”Gewinnsparen” always means both: saving money and the chance to win a big price! Each customer pays only five Euro per ticket. Four Euro are earmarked for savings and one Euro is used as game capital. Drawings take place monthly on every 2nd Tuesday. Tickets bear a eight digit number and ”Gewinnsparen” pays more than 1.000.000 winnings worth three Euro for the correct last digit and up to 100.000 Euro if the customer hits the first prize with the correct number. Further winnings are eight motor-cars each worth more than 36.000 Euro and winnings between ten Euro and 5.000 Euro. Altogether the winnings exceed 5,7 Million Euro each month. Each year we offer you two extra draws, in which owner of lottery tickets for that month automatically take part at no extra cost.

25 % of the pool is donated to social projects or worthy causes in the business area of the cooperative banks participating in the lottery. So each of more than 1.000.000 customers playing the lottery has a share in reducing grinding poverty and hardships and supports community imitative. The total paid out amount of this social help is over 31 Million Euro a year.

It is very easy to participate: By authorising the bank for buying any number of tickets your bank account will be charged monthly. The winnings are transferred to the same bank. The accrued savings will be deposited to your savings bank book regularly every year in December. This order can be rescinded any day – there is no cancellation period and no penalties apply!

With our lottery you have an outstanding chance for a handsome profit: If you decide to buy 10 tickets with consecutive last digits in the ticket number you have the guarantee for a win of at least 3 Euro per month (which reduces the cost for participating to only 7 Euro per 10 tickets). For ordering a sequence of 10 tickets your monthly payment will be 10 x 5 Euro and your savings are 40 Euro. At the end of 12 months your savings account will be credited with 12 x 40 Euro plus 12 x 3 Euro ensured winnings. An easy way to save a handsome amount of money, help your community and have the chance to win a jackpot of 100.000 Euro – all done automatically through a simple standing order. To find out if your ticket number was the lucky one you can check the number here on our website. You also have the possibility to order a newsletter and get the recent results every month direct via email.

Join the community of ”Gewinnsparer” and start participating in the unique lottery with a guaranteed pay out every year!